15 10 / 2011

I just posted an instructional video on hair banding and these are my results after trying it! I have to say, I’m really pleased. 

First of all, it really doesn’t take an insane amount of time to do. It takes the same amount of time as setting my hair for a twist-out. 

The second picture is my result from trying it with damp hair. It wasn’t completely dry when I took it out, so it shrunk a bit. It was cute, but it wasn’t what I wanted. The third picture is the result on dry hair (I took the picture at 10:50, about. So that’s the result after almost 12 hours, lol). The second time, it looks about the same as it would if I had blow dried it, which was my motivation, anyway. Needless to say, I was pleased. 

I followed her [the young lady who made the video] moisturizing advice: for each bunch that I banded, I moisturized with a liquid (cream of nature argan oil strength and shine leave-in conditioner spray), then an oil (CoN argan oil treatment), and finally, a cream (cantu shea butter). Both times, my hair was very soft and healthy-feeling when I removed the bands. 

Banding is a really effective way to stretch out hair without using heat. I’m happy I found something plausible for me, because I love the way my hair looks stretched, and I was trying to get away from the blow drier. I’m really trying to do what’s best for my ‘fro. :)